How to get your ‘zadros’ to stay hot

A couple of days after her baby was born, Kimball got a call from her doctor.The baby, she said, was feeling a bit sick.“I’m in labor and I’ve had two weeks to prepare and so I’m having a little hard time,” she recalled.“And the doctor is like, ‘Well, I’m not going to tell you that…

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A couple of days after her baby was born, Kimball got a call from her doctor.

The baby, she said, was feeling a bit sick.

“I’m in labor and I’ve had two weeks to prepare and so I’m having a little hard time,” she recalled.

“And the doctor is like, ‘Well, I’m not going to tell you that your baby is going to die, because your baby was healthy.'”

She laughed.

The doctor then asked, “Why don’t you take your baby to the doctor and get some test results?”

Kimball, who is also a nurse, said she knew exactly what he was talking about.

She took her baby to a doctor and was told that the baby’s heartbeat was normal.

When the doctor checked her husband’s pulse, Kimballs husband said, “That’s not a normal heartbeat, is it?”

She laughed again.

“Well, your husband’s not really in the mood to be here,” she said.

So Kimball asked her husband to come home.

Kimball then asked her wife to stay at home, and they went to her husband and son’s house to prepare for their baby’s arrival.

Kimballs wife explained that she and her husband were not going out.

The couple had just given birth to a healthy baby boy, and it was important for the baby to be taken care of.

But when they got home, the baby was lethargic.

“He was on the bed, and I just said, ‘What the hell?'”

Kimball said.

Kim and her son took the baby home and put him in a crib.

They were worried.

They took a thermometer, but nothing was registering.

Finally, Kim said, they turned on the thermostat.

“Oh my God, the temperature went up to 103,” Kimball recalled.

The temperature jumped to 106.

Then it dropped to 103 again.

At this point, Kim and Kimball went to the ER, and the doctor told them the temperature had risen to 109 degrees.

The two said they thought the baby might be sick and needed to go home.

“It’s a lot easier to put a blanket on a newborn baby than it is to put him on the floor and take him home,” Kim said.

“That was our moment of clarity.”

She said she was shocked that the temperature did not drop to 109 when she was told to go to the hospital.

“We were just trying to be as cautious as we could,” she explained.

They went back to the apartment, where they put a towel over their son and told him that they were doing it to protect him.

Kim said they called the baby the “Zadros” after the Hawaiian word for baby.

She said they were “doing it because they wanted to keep him safe.”

Kimball’s son was later diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis.

He later died.

“There’s no way I could have prepared for it,” Kimbins husband said.

The family said they felt like they were losing their son, but Kimball and Kimbons son’s mother did not feel that way.

She told the Daily News that her son had a “pretty good life.”

“I don’t think anybody who works in this business can say that their child is not a part of this family,” she added.

When she heard about the case, she called the hospital and the ER.

The hospital confirmed that their baby had tested positive for meningococcal disease, and then the doctor informed Kimbuns son that he was not going home.

When Kimbans son got home after the two-week wait, she got a phone call from the hospital saying that the hospital had confirmed that the infant was healthy.

The doctors there told her that they had given him a good temperature reading, and that the next test would be on his temperature.

Kimbors son was released from the ER with no symptoms.

“My son is now in the hospital for his own safety and that of his family,” Kimbs son’s mom told the newspaper.

She and her family were devastated.

KimBins son had only just turned three when he was diagnosed with meningos immune system disease.

It can be fatal for the newborn if it does not get treated.

“The only thing that we can say is that he has been blessed with a life,” Kims mother said.

And while Kimbills son was not a typical newborn, he was certainly an unusual case.

While most babies are born healthy, most babies with meneditis will have a fever and a rash on the skin.

They may also have a rash in their eyes and throat, or a severe headache.

“They’re not the typical baby that gets pneumonia,” Kim’s son’s grandmother told ABC News.

But as the disease progresses, the immune system begins to die.

A newborn with meningo is at a higher risk of